Layna Mosley

I’m Professor of Political Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with a focus on the politics of the global economy, as well as international relations generally.

My research explores the connections between domestic politics and the global economy. Some of my work examines the effect of multinational production and global supply chains on workers’ rights in developing countries, as well as the ways in which U.S. trade policies might affect workers’ rights abroad. With respect to labor rights, I’m also interested in efforts at private sector governance, such as the Bangladesh Accord on Building and Fire Safety.

Another stream of my research focuses on the politics of sovereign debt, and on how professional investors evaluate and react to political institutions and government policy choices. In the current era of financial globalization, these market reactions sometimes limit democratically-elected governments’ ability to meet the demands of their citizens. I’m also investigating how low- and middle-income governments manage their relationships with creditors, including how they decide whether to borrow from commercial banks or bond investors, and how they market themselves to potential bond buyers.

At UNC, I teach undergraduate courses on International Relations and World Politics (POLI 150), International Political Economy (POLI 442), and The Politics of the Pre-World War I Era of Globalization (POLI 258). My graduate courses include Scope and Method in Political Science (POLI 780) and the Politics of International Money and Finance (POLI 853).

I spent the Fall 2017 semester as a Fulbright visiting scholar at the Hertie School of Governance, in Berlin. I was an Associate Editor at the American Journal of Political Science, in 2018-2019. I’m on the Executive Committee of the Women Also Know Stuff initiative.

And here’s my most recent CV.