I teach courses on international relations, international political economy and research methods. I typically teach the introductory international politics course (POLI 150) once each academic year, and I regularly teach International Political Economy (POLI 442) as well. I’ve recently developed a new course on the politics of the first era (1880s-1914) of economic globalization, which was offered as POLI 190 in Fall 2014 and which will be offered again as POLI 256. The syllabi for these courses are available to registered students via sakai.unc.edu.

At the graduate level, I teach Scope and Method in Political Science (POLI 780), a required course for first-semester Ph.D. students; and POLI 853, The Politics of International Money and Finance. I also have taught POLI 751, Theories of IR II (International Political Economy). Copies of my syllabi are available upon request.