Research in Progress

Research in Progress

Labor Upgrading, Trade Agreements and Export Market Opportunities: Evidence from Vietnam.” (with Edmund Malesky). Under review.

“Financial Statecraft: Government Choice of Debt Instruments” (with Eric Arias and B. Peter Rosendorff). Presented (previous title: “Government Choices over Borrowing Strategies”) at the 2017 DebtCon2 conference, Geneva; the 2019 meeting of the International Studies Association; and the 2019 American Political Science Association meeting. Under review.

“Coming to Terms: The Politics of Sovereign Bond Denomination” (with Cameron Ballard-Rosa and Rachel Wellhausen). Presented at the November 2018 meetings of the International Political Economy Society and the April 2019 DebtCon meetings. Revisions in Progress.

How Do Sovereign Debt Investors React to Political Events in Emerging Market Countries? (with Sarah Brooks and Raphael Cunha). Presented at the 2016 APSA meeting, the 2017 IPES meeting, and the 2019 PEIO meeting; under review.

“Still Afraid of Footloose Finance? Exit and Voice in Contemporary Globalization.” Paper presented at Contemporary Challenges to Global Order workshop, October 2017, Filzbach, Switzerland.